Need photos to introduce yourself to the world? 

Or just celebrate your life?

We can do that.  And we can do it well.

Good things for your eyes

Photography by Tim Wilkerson




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1.  Did Tim take all of the photos on this site?

Yes I did - they represent a cross section of twenty years of my photography.

2.  What about my privacy?

Your images won't be shown to other people without your prior permission.

3.  What's off limits in a photo session?

No predatory or exploitive scenes.  If you have a fetish and everyone participating is a willing, consenting adult there won't be any problems.

4.  How do I purchase photographs for my collection?

Contact me about the specific images.  Some of my work is available for collectors, including limited edition images.

5.  Are you looking for models?

I've always got art projects revolving in my head.  If you're interested in modeling for me, please email me.  I normally compensate models by trade of services.

6.  How do I schedule a photo session?

Contact me - I do everything by appointment so evenings and weekends are possibilities too.

7.  What are your prices?

Pricing depends on the use of the images and the details of the shoot.  Contact me and I'll be able to give you a quote that's specific to your wants and needs.


Art of the Body 3

Art of the Body 4

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